Temptation Can Be Defeated



* 13 lessons
* 72 pages
* Downloadable PDF file

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“Most people would like to be delivered from temptation but would like it to keep in touch.” (Robert Orben)

Where Hard Core focuses specifically on sexual temptation, this workbook tackles the topic of temptation in general. Temptation can be defeated! You can find victory over sin by anchoring yourself to a superior satisfaction.

Adapted from the principles contained in Hard Core, this workbook is ideal for men’s or women’s small group studies, as well as congregational Bible classes.


* Lesson 1 – A Plea for Honesty and Transparency
* Lesson 2 – Casualties of War
* Lesson 3 – The Reason for Everything
* Lesson 4 – A Time to Fight, and a Time to Run
* Lesson 5 – Even Those After God’s Own Heart Can Be Devoured
* Lesson 6 – God’s Steadfast Love is Better Than Life
* Lesson 7 – The Fruit of a Broken and Contrite Heart
* Lesson 8 – It’s Time to Walk Down Another Street
* Lesson 9 – How Did the Master Teacher Defeat Temptation?
* Lesson 10 – The Armor of Holiness (1)
* Lesson 11 – The Armor of Holiness (2)
* Lesson 12 – Hacking Agag to Pieces
* Lesson 13 – Equipped for the Battles Ahead


* 13 lessons
* 72 pages
* Downloadable PDF file

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