Beyond the Veil



* 12 lessons
* 41 pages
* Downloadable PDF file

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This sweeping study takes us from the Garden of Eden to the new heavens and new earth of Revelation. It explores a variety of fascinating questions:

* What was it like to have a personal encounter with God?
* What was lost in Eden?
* What was the purpose of altars in the Old Testament?
* What was the Tabernacle all about?
* What can we know about Solomon’s incredible Temple?
* Why was the veil of the Temple torn in two at Jesus’ death?
* How does it all relate to walking by faith with God today?

“We all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed…” (2 Cor 3:18). This study will deepen your understanding and encourage you to live in the light of that glorious truth.

* Lesson 1 – Awe-Inspiring Encounters with God

The LORD God Almighty Before the Age of the Veil
* Lesson 2 – Perfect Fellowship Interrupted
* Lesson 3 – Altars of the Patriarchs

The LORD God Almighty Who Dwelt Beyond the Veil
* Lesson 4 – “Let Them Make Me a Sanctuary”
* Lesson 5 – The Exterior of the Tabernacle
* Lesson 6 – The Interior of the Tabernacle
* Lesson 7 – The Priesthood of the Tabernacle
* Lesson 8 – The Sacrifices of the Tabernacle
* Lesson 9 – The Temple: The House for the Name of the LORD

The LORD God Almighty Who Tore the Veil
* Lesson 10 – “It is Finished”

The LORD God Almighty Who is Transforming the Unveiled
* Lesson 11 – We All, With Unveiled Face, Are Being Transformed

The LORD God Almighty Whose Glory Will Be Unveiled
* Lesson 12 – “And I Saw No Temple in the City”

* 12 lessons
* 41 pages
* Downloadable PDF file

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