Make Sure to Put What Matters
 Most “Before Your Eyes” This Week

In Psalm 26:3, David writes of God, “For your steadfast love is before my eyes.”

Commercials, billboards, popup ads, email notifications… all sorts of things will come “before our eyes” this week. We’ll intentionally choose to bring some things “before our eyes” this week… Netflix, books, smartphones, to-do lists, and more. In fact, you made the choice to place this screen “before your eyes” long enough to read this far.

But think about the power behind David’s words in Psalm 26:3 – “Your steadfast love is before my eyes.” That wasn’t by accident, and it most certainly wasn’t a waste of time or effort. Having God’s steadfast love “before his eyes” helped David:

  • To trust in the LORD without wavering (26:1)
  • To make sure his heart and mind were right with God (26:2)
  • To walk faithfully with God (26:3)
  • To avoid the wrong crowd (26:4-5)
  • To worship with a clean conscience (26:6)
  • To express thanksgiving and tell others about God’s wondrous deeds (26:7)
  • To meditate on God’s glory and offer prayers for his help and protection (26:8-10)
  • To walk in integrity, made confident by God’s grace (26:11-12)

What could we possibly put “before our eyes” that is more worthwhile than those blessings? And how can you put God’s steadfast love “before your eyes” this week?

  • Feed yourself with God’s word throughout the week; here’s an easy-to-follow schedule of daily Bible readings
  • Pray every day, personally expressing adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplications to God
  • Continue to fill out (or start fresh with) the Today, I’m Thankful For challenge
  • Assemble with your brothers and sisters in Christ to learn more about God’s will for your life
  • Take a walk, admiring the beautiful Fall leaves, and reflect on the creative power of God
  • Go outside after dark and marvel at the stars our Creator has placed in the heavens
  • Serve as a channel of God’s comfort and encouragement to someone else

What sits “before our eyes” this week will seep into our hearts and ultimately shape the way we live. For life, the way it was meant to be, you can’t improve on David’s determination in Psalm 26:3: “For your steadfast love is before my eyes, and I walk in your faithfulness.”

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