When the What and the How of Prayer is Challenging, Focus on the Who

There are days when we simply don’t know what to pray.

There are times when we straightforwardly don’t know how to pray.

Today’s Bible reading is Psalm 69. Could I offer a tip that helps me when the what and the how of prayer is challenging? Focus on the identity of the who. Psalm 69 can help you do just that today. Take a moment to reflect on what we learn about the “God of hosts” in this song of David.

  • Nothing can be hidden from him (69:5)
  • He is the I AM who hears the prayers of the needy (69:13, 33)
  • At an acceptable time, from an abundance of steadfast love, he answers in saving faithfulness (69:13)
  • He is an all-powerful deliverer (69:14)
  • He is perfect in steadfast love and abundant in mercy (69:16)
  • He draws near, redeems, and ransoms (69:18)
  • He does not despise his own people who are in distress (69:33)
  • He is worthy of praise in heaven and earth (69:34)
  • He blesses those who love his name (69:36)

Even when the what and the how of prayer is challenging, the who behind prayer is steadfast and sure. What a blessing to be granted sacred access to the throne room of heaven! What will you do with that blessing today?

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