Respond to the Lord

People will seek responses from us, in various ways, throughout the day. Sometimes we don’t respond.

  • Did we hear?
  • Are we preoccupied?
  • Are we opting to ignore?
  • Are we being neglectful, self-centered, or rude?
  • Are we intentionally using the opportunity to make some sort of a point?
  • Are we choosing to defiantly rebel against the one who is seeking a response?

In many ways, it depends:

  • Who is seeking a response?
  • Who am I in relation to them?
  • In this instance, what is the … thing to do?

How remarkable and profoundly important that the Lord God Almighty is seeking a response. From me. For my good and for the sake of his name.

This sermon was delivered on January 15, 2017.

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