Step by Step


Our lives are shaped by “steps.” Steps are small and slow, but they define a direction that makes a difference over a lifetime.

Our Creator has repeatedly encouraged us to realize the potential for danger in our steps:

  1. Thoughtless steps (Prov 14:15-16)
  2. Forbidden steps (Prov 5:1-14, 21-23)
  3. Straying steps (Prov 7:24-27)
  4. Foolish steps (Prov 27:12)
  5. Steps without regard for God (Jer 10:23)

Our Creator has also defined the direction we ought to have been stepping all along:

  1. Steps in “the good way” (Jer 6:16)
  2. Established steps (Psa 37:23-24, 30-31)
  3. Secure steps (Psa 40:1-2)
  4. Steady steps (Psa 119:129-133)
  5. Steps with the right perspective (Job 31:4; 34:21)

You are where you are this morning because of steps that lie behind you:

  1. Your spiritual health, vitality, and maturity
  2. Your marriage
  3. Your investment in and connectedness to this local church
  4. Your relationships that have been strained or broken
  5. Your reputation
  6. Your readiness for eternity

But as of this moment, those aren’t your last steps! So what about your next steps?

This sermon was delivered on November 6, 2016.

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