Perspective and Prayer for Troubling Times


The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. (James 5:16)

“Troublesome times are here.” We are reminded of that fact over and over and over again. How should Christians respond? How can we maintain the God-shaped perspective we so desperately need? For what and whom should we be praying?

In our October 9, 2016 evening assembly at Laurel Canyon, we reminded ourselves of the perspective our heavenly Father would have us to exhibit in the midst of these troubling times:

  • The One to whom we are praying
  • Our own unworthiness
  • The founder of our salvation and access
  • The Lord’s invitation to draw near to his throne of grace with confidence

Armed with that perspective, we devoted significant time to fervent prayer for:

  • A creation subjected to futility, in bondage to corruption, and groaning
  • Violence, oppression, injustice, and terror
  • Those who are in and may soon be placed in high positions of authority
  • The present suffering of Christians in some parts of the world and the possibility of persecution in our own future
  • Those who have never responded to the truth and those who have wandered from the truth

Perhaps you will find the recordings of that assembly useful and encouraging.

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