Spiritual Refreshment, Day by Day

Mountain Stream

With the start of Summer, many of us are spending time working on lawns and flower beds. By God’s creative design, the plants around us need light, water, and good soil in which to grow. Without these natural elements, our best landscaping efforts will ultimately be wasted.

Using Psalm 1 as our guide, let’s spend a little bit of time meditating on the spiritual refreshment we will need day by day to make the most of our God-given time and avoid wasting this season of life.

  1. Do you need to do some weeding?
  2. Are you getting the light that you need?
  3. Are you getting the water that you need?
  4. How receptive and healthy is the soil of your heart?
  5. How is your one and only God-given life being shaped, day by day?

This sermon was delivered on May 29, 2016.

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