Taking Time to Think About “Tomorrow”

Today’s choices are often shaped by what we are anticipating “tomorrow.”

  • Tomorrow’s anticipated hunger shapes today’s grocery store shopping list
  • Tomorrow’s forecast of rain shapes today’s determination to get the lawn mowed
  • Tomorrow’s credit card statement shapes today’s credit card swipes
  • Tomorrow’s dentist appointment shapes today’s flossing
  • Tomorrow’s marathon shapes today’s diet and exercise routine
  • Tomorrow’s project deadline shapes today’s choice to turn off Netflix
  • Tomorrow’s alarm clock shapes tonight’s bedtime

Each one of us will make decisions today–some of them tiny, some of them life-altering–in view of “tomorrow.”

What if we take that simple principle and use it as a lens through which to read Philippians 3?

  • The worth of knowing Jesus surpasses any and all fleshly accomplishments (3:8)
  • Through the righteousness of God that depends on faith, I can gain Christ (3:8-9)
  • Becoming like Jesus opens the door to the power of his resurrection (3:10-11)
  • Forgetting what lies behind frees me to strain forward to what lies ahead (3:12-13)
  • The prize of the upward call of God is an attainable goal (3:14)
  • God is willing and able to shape the maturity of my thinking (3:15)
  • I bear responsibility to accept and hold true to what he has delivered (3:16)
  • Setting my mind on earthly things leads to idolatry, shame, and destruction (3:19)
  • The citizenship of God’s redeemed people is in heaven (3:20)
  • The promise of my Savior’s coming ought to shape my present conduct (3:20-21)

God-given light is shining in Philippians 3. It illuminates the possibilities, glories, and tragedies of “tomorrow.” In profound ways, today’s choices will be shaped by the forethought I am willing to give and the sacrifices I am willing to make in view of “tomorrow.”

For whatever one sows, that will he also reap. (Gal 6:7)

Which begs the question: Will I be happy “tomorrow” with the choices I made today?

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