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Around the Web (2/18)

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  • In Before the Birds and the Bees, Tim Challies: “I want to say this as clearly as I know how: If you neglect to train your children in their use of the Internet, you are failing in your parental responsibility. If you neglect to monitor what your children are doing online, you are neglecting your duty. If you are going to allow them to use the Internet—and I think you should so they can learn to use it under your care—you absolutely need to train them to use it well. To train them well you simply need to engage them in the tech talk.”
  • Melissa Edgington reflects on glorifying God with an ordinary life.
  • In Hymns and the Future, Matthew Bassford: “Like a unit of soldiers who bond during basic training, Christians bond while singing together. They particularly bond while singing great hymns together. Because of that emotional connection, soldiers will remain united through great hardships. I believe that Christians will need their emotional connection too to remain united through what lies before them.”
  • Ken Weliever encourages, “Always remember, when you see a life well lived, like a good sermon, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.”
  • Kindle deals: 101 Family Meal-Time Devotions (Johnson, $1.99), 101 Ways to Strengthen the Parent-Child Connection (Ross, $1.99), Everyday Finances for the Everyday Family (Yorkey, $1.99), Managing Your Family’s High-Tech Habits (Cole & Ovwigho, $1.99).
NOTE: eBook deals come and go very quickly online. Links to sales are not blanket endorsements. As with everything from any human author, comparison with the Scriptures to “see if these things are so” (Acts 17:11) is highly encouraged.

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