Victorious Masculinity

Victorious Masculinity

We live in the midst of a confused culture wherein the most fundamental aspects of humanity are frequently blurred and distorted. What does it mean to be male as envisioned by our Creator?

“Have You Not Read…?” (Matt 19:4) – The Fundamental Facts

  • In the beginning, God created (Gen 1:1-25).
  • God created human beings (Acts 17:25-28; Isa 43:6-7; Psa 148).
  • Human beings are created in God’s own image (Gen 1:26-27; 5:1; 9:1-6; James 3:8-9).
  • Gender is one of the most basic expressions of the image of God (Gen 1:27).
  • Gender is set, not by my decision in my mind, but by God’s design in my nature.
  • Romans 1:19-32 draws a parallel between the way nature teaches about God and the way nature teaches about masculinity and femininity; those who ignore are “without excuse.”
  • Which means our responsibility is not simply to ask, “What makes a man or a woman?” but “Who makes a man or a woman?” and “What does he intend?”

“Let Us Make Man…” (Gen 1:26) – What Did the LORD God Have in Mind?

  • PROVIDE (Gen 2:15) – work, keep, order, maintain
    Requires vision, care, and endurance
  • PURSUE (Gen 2:16-17) – learn, explore, enjoy, teach
    Requires faith, humility, and wisdom
  • PROTECT (Gen 2:17) – guard, contend, act, lead
    Requires energy, discipline, and courage
  • PARTNER (Gen 2:18) – connect, participate, commune, help
    Requires character, availability, and love

This sermon was delivered on June 14, 2015.

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