Audio Resources to Maximize Your Mental Downtime

Bible and Earbuds

We all have varying amounts of mental “downtime” nearly every day: the work/school commute, the treadmill, lawn mowing, etc. Below are some resources that have been of immense encouragement to me and help me make much better “use of the time” (Eph 5:16) than what is typically on the radio. Perhaps you’ll find something helpful to maximize your own mental downtime as a disciple of Christ.


My go-to-option is Enter either a single chapter or multiple chapters (example: Matthew 5-7) into the Search field in the upper right corner, click the Listen button in the upper left corner … and that’s it. God’s word will be read to you. The mobile equivalent is the ESV Bible app, available for iOS and Android.


What about compiling a “Hymns” playlist on your phone? Here are a few of the albums I’ve used to compile my own “Hymns” playlist. I shuffle it off-and-on throughout the week. It’s an especially encouraging tool I use on Sunday mornings to prepare my heart.

Narrow Way - Shelter Me - 300 x 300Narrow Way:


Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company

The dozens of Florida College Chorus albums are also very much worth looking into.


LC Podcast GraphicThanks to podcasts, it’s never been easier to share and access sermons (What’s a podcast?). The “mileage” one sermon can get in the digital age is mindblowing. Here are a few of the sermon podcasts provided by local churches I’ve found to be helpful and encouraging. Links are to the RSS feeds:

Several of the feeds listed above can also be found on iTunes. I use the Downcast app to access and play podcasts.

While you’re at it, check out the Laurel Canyon podcast (RSS, iTunes), updated weekly with an archive of 700+ sermons. You might also enjoy listening to the Florida College chapel podcast during the school year.

There you have it! A wealth of audio resources to maximize your mental downtime and fill your heart with encouraging content.

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