How Can I Prepare Myself for Worship?

How Can I Prepare Myself for Worship

The children of Israel knew what it was to prepare for the worship of the LORD their God.

  1. They were called to prepare themselves to hear from God at Mt. Sinai (Exo 19:9-11).
  2. Perpetual preparations would be required for the hundreds of daily, monthly, and annual appointed sacrifices.
  3. Every time the priests would minister at the tabernacle, they were to meticulously prepare themselves.
  4. On multiple occasions throughout the year, Jews would prepare for a journey to Jerusalem.
  5. Jesus sent Peter and John to prepare the Passover meal for the apostles in Luke 22:7-8.
  6. The LORD clearly revealed how he felt about getting the meager leftovers of half-hearted “worship” (Mal 1:6-14).

Disciples of Jesus are also the recipients of a call to worship (John 4:24; Heb 10:19-25). Perhaps one of the most counter-cultural, influential things we can do in our fast-paced society is to devote every first day of the week to rest, reflection, and worship.

So how do we prepare?

This sermon was delivered on March 15, 2015.

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