Christianity in Twelve Words

Christianity in Twelve Words (edited by Jon Quinn and Warren Berkley)

Jon Quinn and Warren Berkley have co-edited a book releasing today called Christianity in Twelve Words.

  1. Christ (Karl Hennecke)
  2. Heaven (David Osteen)
  3. Reconciliation (Jay Taylor)
  4. Inspiration (Andy Diestelkamp)
  5. Sound (Tony Mauck)
  6. Trust (Josh Kirby)
  7. Image (Mike Stubbs)
  8. Authority (Wayne Walker)
  9. Need (Todd Hales)
  10. Instruction (Perry Hall)
  11. Truth (Jon Quinn)
  12. You (Warren Berkley)

This is Volume 3 in the Expository Files Expedition Series, following People Of The Past With Lessons For Today and The Integrity of the New Testament.

Christianity in Twelve Words is available today on Amazon for Kindle ($4.99) and in paperback ($9.89). Looks to be good devotional or Bible class material. Check it out.