Where is God When I Hurt?

Where is God When I Hurt

We just wrapped up a very uplifting 4-day series of lessons at Laurel Canyon with Wilson Adams. He used the Bible to address one of the most serious questions we can face: “Where is God When I Hurt?” Some of my favorite quotes from the series:

“Viewing tomorrow in light of my ability to handle tomorrow produces worry. Viewing tomorrow in light of God’s ability produces hope, the substance of faith.”

“Bible faith is not a goose-bump emotional feeling. Neither does it mean that God will eliminate all the hardship. It does mean that I am assured and convicted that he will take care of me in his own way and in his own time.”

“We must choose to live for the hope of the future instead of under the unanswered questions of the past.”

“A world of fairness gives us what we want. A world of grace gives us more than we deserve.”

“If your faith counts for anything, it must count for everything when life gets hard.”

“Suffering does not make you unique. It’s how you respond to it that makes you unique.”

“Jesus never compared trials. Time after time, however, he reached across the path of pain to offer a compassionate hand. And sometimes, he just sat down and cried with people.”

“God is real no matter how you feel.”

“The next time you’re tempted to throw a pity-party, maybe it’s time to take a good long look at the cross.”

“Life is filled with defining moments that are often painful. Those defining moments, however, are not interruptions on the path of your progress–they are the path of your progress! And you can become bitter or better. It’s a choice God gives to each of us.”

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of several of our members, the entire series is already available online.

For a deeper study of grief, hope, and healing, I highly recommend A Life Lost … and Found by Wilson Adams and David Lanphear. It’s available from One Stone or Courageous Living.