From Crowd to Audience to Participant

Crowd of People

A crowd is a large number of people who may or may not have intentionally gathered together.

An audience is a group of spectators who have gathered to listen or to view and are providing the opportunity to be heard or seen.

A participant is a person who takes part in, has a share in, or participates.

Throughout the New Testament, we see effort to move people from crowd to audience to participant.

Jesus in John 6

  • The crowd (6:1-25)
  • The audience (6:26-66)
  • The participants (6:67-69)

Peter in Acts 2

  • The crowd (2:1-13)
  • The audience (2:14-36)
  • The participants (2:37-47)

Paul in Acts 17

  • The crowd (17:16-17)
  • The audience (17:18-31)
  • The participants (17:32-34)

Humanity in 2014

  • The crowd (Matt 7:13)
  • The audience (Mark 16:15-16; Acts 24:24-25; Matt 7:21-23; Josh 24:15)
  • The participants (Matt 7:24-25; Luke 9:23; Matt 6:33; Rev 2:10)

The bottom line: God wants to move you from the crowd to the audience to the group of participants (Col 1:13-14). Which group will you choose to be a part of this week?

This sermon was delivered on September 14, 2014.

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