A Half-Hour with Psalm 106

Holding Old BibleAt the beginning (106:1) and ending (106:48) of Psalm 106 is this cry: “Praise the LORD!” Why? When it comes to an answer, we aren’t left to our own imaginations:

  1. “He is good” (106:1)
  2. “His steadfast love endures forever!” (106:1)
  3. He is a God of indescribably “mighty deeds” (106:2)
  4. He is a fountain of blessing to those who observe justice and do righteousness (106:3)
  5. He is a God who remembers, shows favor to, helps, and saves his people (106:4-5)

The problem? Too often, his people do not honor him as God or give thanks to him.

The Ugly Laundry List of Psalm 106

  • We resist being shaped by his wondrous works and steadfast love (106:6-12)
  • We allow our unrestrained cravings to override our willingness to wait for his counsel (106:13-15)
  • We operate from hearts of jealousy and selfish ambition (106:16-18)
  • We exchange the glory of God for something we can fashion for our own satisfaction (106:19-23)
  • We do not believe his promises and therefore refuse to follow his lead (106:24-27)
  • We give ourselves over to immorality of all sorts (106:28-31)
  • We grumble and complain in the face of his faithfulness and wisdom (106:32-33)
  • We content ourselves with half-measures and compromised standards (106:34-39)
  • We take his deliverance for granted and presume on the riches of his grace (106:40-43)

“Nevertheless…” (106:44-46). It’s a wonderful, undeserved, gospel-filled word. “Nevertheless,” God has intervened. “Nevertheless,” God hasn’t given up on you.

How will you respond?

This sermon was delivered on April 27, 2014.

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