Around the Web (4/3)

  • Ken Weliever writes, “Divorce is as old as the Bible itself. But now Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband, Chris Martin, have introduced us to a new vocabulary word when Paltrow announced last week their separation, and called it a conscious uncoupling.” What does that really mean?
  • Matthew Bassford explores the absence of grace. “We look at others whom we consider less righteous, and the question springs unbidden to our minds, if not our lips, ‘Why don’t they just?’ … Of course, we quickly climb down from our high horses once we start asking the much less popular question, ‘Why don’t I just?'”
  • Jacob Abshire offers some free digital wallpaper for your computer or iDevice inspired by Psalm 51:2.
  • Todd Bolen recaps a report from The Jerusalem Post on the conclusion of excavations in the City of David around the Gihon Spring. The accompanying video focuses on the Canaanite fortress built over the spring.
  • Mark Altrogge offers some reflections from OldManville. “The secret to not losing heart is this – it’s what we look to.”

O LORD, how manifold are your works!
___ In wisdom have you made them all;
___ the earth is full of your creatures.
Here is the sea, great and wide,
___ which teems with creatures innumerable,
___ living things both small and great. (Psalm 104:24-25)