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Around the Web (4/28)

  • Albert Mohler has not only posted a lengthy response to Matthew Vine’s newly released God and the Gay Christian, he’s also edited an even more extensive e-book response with several chapters that is available as a free download.
  • What piece of advice would you give to a new husband or dad? Barnabas Piper’s advice: “Always apologize first.”
  • Roger Shouse suggests, “We might worry less, sleep better and be more at ease if we prayed more about the people that trouble us.”
  • Dene Ward uses the idea of frantically “cleaning” the house for unexpected company to make an important spiritual point: “I have probably fooled a lot of people that way, or else they were just polite.  But when it comes to spiritual house cleaning, just getting the outside isn’t enough.”
  • Matthew Bassford offers an important reminder: “People will know who we are from the fruit we bear.”


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