Around the Web (4/2)

  • Edwin Crozier writes, “Our culture and even Christians have simply accepted a social construct that has no basis in actual fact. We have bought the lie that being ‘gay’ is something people are rather than something they do.”
  • I can’t stop sinning! Maybe you’ve felt this way before. Maybe you feel this way right now.
  • Greg Kline suggests, “It’s easy to be a ‘disciple in the boat,’ to be a Christian when it is safe and doesn’t cause any personal discomfort or risk. It’s God’s expectation that we sacrifice our lives for Him, and have a faith that moves us to walk on water. The question is: Do you have enough faith to sink?”
  • Dene Ward reminds, “Amazing things can happen when you sit quietly and listen.”
  • “Only those will enjoy heaven who have enough character to be patient, and patience comes down to what the old-timers used to call ‘grit.’ But mark it well: grit is not something some people are born with and others are not. It’s a matter of choice.” Gary Henry asks, Are we determined to see God?


“Are my expectations unrealistic?” Emerson and Joy Eggerichs talk about ways to approach personal expectations in marriage.