Around the Web (4/15)

  • Tim Challies reflects on the new birds and bees. “Their standard is intrinsic, what they desire and feel and believe. My standard is extrinsic, what God desires and what God commands. Our authority is as different as different can be, and, therefore, so too is what we believe and what we teach. We are worlds apart.”
  • Albert Mohler takes a critical look at the much-delayed series of Harvard Theological Review articles concerning “the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife” fragment and the state of modern scholarship.
  • Gary Henry writes, “Faith in Jesus Christ, if it is genuine, is one of the strongest forces known to the human race. In fact, it’s possible to possess a faith that is, for all practical purposes, invincible.”
  • Tim Jennings warns, “Spiritual arrogance: those two words should never be together. However, all too often the religious are known more for their pride than their piety. There is a strong temptation to glory in our reputation, our size, our works, our accuracy, our intellect, and our ability until we have solidly enthroned ourselves at the center of our faith.”
  • Matthew Bassford gives a behind-the-scenes look at the process of writing the much-loved “Exalted” hymn.


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