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Around the Web (3/6)

  • Parents across the globe today need to have a new conversation with their kids. No, it’s not about how their kids are behaving in class, why they should never talk to strangers, or when they need to be home at night. It’s not even the talk that parents usually brace themselves for, about sex. Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen suggest that it be about data permanence. How we can preserve our reputations in the digital era?
  • Criticism is inevitable. At certain times we will all face another person’s analysis or rebuke of our behavior. Tim Challies offers three tips for responding to criticism.
  • Matthew Bassford writes, “As human beings, we are uncomfortable with the tension between two equally true opposites. We don’t like having to find the middle ground; we would much rather insist that one thing is completely true and its counterpart, completely false. However, the Bible often confronts us with precisely the kind of paradoxes we would prefer not to face.”
  • If the world were represented by 100 people, this is what it would look like.
  • “We too often impose our standards, our culture, our way of life on those people who lived thousands of years ago in a place far removed in both custom and time. I have often heard that if Bathsheba had only been a modest woman, David would never have fallen, making her the primary offender, an evil seductress who brought down a man of God.” Dene Ward points out some things about Bathsheba you may not have thought about before.

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