Around the Web (3/14)

  • “What if I told you that many marriages are held back by one word? Would you believe that 3 letters actually prevent many marriages from being all God created them to be? There is one word that has the power to paralyze your marriage and keep you from the life-giving, love-exchanging marriage God has in mind for you.” Justin Davis suggests that word is “BUT.”
  • Reflecting on Galatians 5:15, Roger Shouse writes, “Sometimes a person forgets. Sometimes a person forgets the important stuff. The stereotypical view of man is one who never remembers his wedding anniversary. Our passage deals with brethren who forgot who the enemy was. They turned on each other.”
  • Matthew Bassford uses 1 John 4:7 to point out the ever-present danger of proof-texting. “Proof-texting is a perilous way to study the Bible. When we use a passage to make a point without considering its context, we are as likely to be wrong as right.”
  • Berry Kercheville offers seven reasons to avoid pornography of any kind.
  • Craig Jarrow asks a question worth thinking about this weekend: “Do you control your tech or does it control you?”