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Around the Web (2/28)

  • Matthew Bassford reflects on some not-so-good Bible reading habits. “All of the word is sweet to our taste, but some parts are a little sweeter—the single verses that seem to speak specifically to our situations and our problems.  As a result, we are tempted to devise for ourselves a diet of spiritual Hershey’s Kisses—an uninterrupted series of topical studies, consisting only of the snippets that resonate most with us.”
  • Dan Lankford writes from the hospital on the eve of his son’s birth about becoming a father.
  • In an interesting bit of creative writing, Trevin Wax imagines what Daniel 3 would sound like if it were written today.
  • Tim Challies challenges our typical views of “secular” work. “Every day and every moment I have the choice before me: Will I do my work in such a way that it glorifies God? Or will I do my work in such a way that it dishonors and displeases him?”
  • Darrin Patrick has a challenge for men: don’t be a sexual tourist. “Tourist traps keep people from exploring the real thing, often by being flashier, noisier, and easier to get to. Many guys have similarly become sexual tourists, having been caught in an erotic trap, getting cheap thrills that can only pretend to be the real thing.”

Joy and Emerson Eggerichs respond to the following question:

My best friend currently lives in another state. We’re both married, and though we’ve visited and have done stuff as couples, my best friend wants me to come visit for some “girl time.” When I asked my husband if I could go, he flipped out and shut down, saying, “You want to go without me? Fine. Go right now.”

My husband and I always do everything together. Am I wrong for wanting to have some “me time” and hang out with my friend? How should I approach this with him?

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