Around the Web (2/26)

  • “Perhaps every Christian has puzzled over how we would have responded to Jesus in the flesh. Would I have welcomed him or shunned him? Would I be a disciple, a Pharisee, or part of the faceless crowd?” Jacob Hudgins suggests that when Jesus teaches about the sheep and the goats (Matt 25:31-46), he hits closer to home than we expect—and gives us the answer.
  • Tim Challies is setting up a challenge (beginning March 1) you might want to consider–31 Days of Purity–thirty-one days of considering what God’s Word says about sexual purity and thirty-one days of praying that God would help us fight sin and pursue holiness in this area.
  • Gary Henry reflects on the power of presence. “When we fail in the matter of presence, one of the more tragic aspects of the problem is that others fail to receive from us the acknowledgment they deserve.”
  • Matthew Bassford point us to an important principle from Genesis 24:50. “If there is any tendency that gets mankind into trouble in matters of faith, it is the tendency to speak where Laban and Bethuel did not.”
  • A new report finds that just 51% of Americans have more emergency savings than credit-card debt.