Around the Web (2/21)

  • Albert Mohler reflects on the Christian leader in the digital age. “Leaders who talk about the real world as opposed to the digital world are making a mistake, a category error. While we are right to prioritize real face-to-face conversations and to find comfort and grounding in stable authorities like the printed book, the digital world is itself a real world, just real in a different way.”
  • Dene Ward writes, “As Christians our attitudes do make the difference. The way we handle adversity should make people ask us, ‘How can you do that? What is your secret?'”
  • Ron Edmonson suggests seven acts of grace in a marriage. “Of course, it ultimately takes two people to make the marriage work, but one way to improve things is to interject more grace. When both parties are grace-giving to each other, the marriage can soar.”
  • King Uzziah’s tomb marker is the sixth stop in Ferrell Jenkins’ Visualizing Isaiah series.
  • How can we know our labor is not in vain? Doy Moyer writes, “I would suggest that knowing our labor is not in vain is tied directly to our confidence in the risen Jesus. If Jesus was raised, then we have every reason to think that all we do for Him is worthwhile.”

This before-and-after image shows the ongoing devastation in Kiev’s Independence Square. We would do well to pray for the people of Ukraine today.