Around the Web (2/19)

  • His Excellent Word is a new blog written by Matthew Bassford. He’s already defined his upcoming scope: hymns and hymn analysis on Monday, general spiritual topics Tuesday through Thursday, and the design and function of physical editions of the Bible on Fridays. Matt is one of the most talented wordsmiths I know. You’ll want to keep on eye on his material.
  • Gary Henry addresses one of the most foundational questions of all: “Why do we love God? Is it because His attributes so often result in benefit to us personally or because He is simply worthy to be loved? Do we love God for His sake or for our own?”
  • We MUST teach our children about money.” Roger Shouse offers some good places to start.
  • David McClister writes, “Jesus’ parables were designed to break through the preconceived ideas and the misconceptions, and to present the truth about the kingdom of God. And as it turned out, on the one hand the truth was nothing like people thought it would be. On the other hand, the truth was as simple as some ordinary, everyday scenes.”
  • Thinking about paying for likes on Facebook? You might want to think again.