Around the Web (2/14)

  • “The biggest reason couples fall out of love: They love their spouse for who they were, not who they are becoming.” Justin and Trisha Davis offer four tips for staying in love with the one you love the most.
  • See the first photos ever taken of Jerusalem. “Since 1844, millions of photographs have probably been taken of Jerusalem. But these blurry snaps are the very first.”
  • Doy Moyer uses the Bible to demonstrate a vitally important point: “Either we are in or we or out. Scripture never presents a middle ground when it comes to a relationship with God. There is no partially in. There is no fence-straddling. Either we are in the kingdom of His dear Son, or we are in the domain of darkness. That may not set well with some, but there simply is no in-between state.”
  • Roger Shouse draws out three lessons about God from Isaiah 45:1.
  • Ed Welch encourages us to beware the new affluenza and reminds us that “more wealth or more poverty (or anything else) does not change our responsibility before God.”

What is it like to open a personal copy of the Bible for the very first time in China?

Are we taking anything for granted?