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Around the Web (1/6)

  • Echo Kayser tackles the sports vs. church dilemma with which so many parents are struggling. “When we say ‘yes’ to one thing, we are saying ‘no’ to something else.”
  • Roger Shouse uses Revelation 1:17 to make an important point: “Fellowship is more than a name in a church directory. It is being connected, belonging and being accepted by others. It is being a part of the team. It is being counted on and wanted.”
  • Doy Moyer digs deep into principles of silence and negative inference as they relate to God and authority. “If the things revealed are what belong to us, then how much right do we have dabbling in the things that are not revealed?”
  • Gary Henry’s Daily Family Bible Study for the week emphasizes that faith in God gives us victory over life’s problems. “It is our faith — our deep trust in God and our reliance upon His strength — that opens up to us the powerful reservoirs of God’s help. And it is this help that will cause us to triumph in the end.”
  • For those who are trying to grow increasingly paperless in their workflow and record keeping, the Scanner Pro app is temporarily free.

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