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Around the Web (12/31)

  • Berry Kercheville asks, “Are you ready for 2014?” “As we begin 2014, we do not know what lies ahead. Will it be a year of prosperity or a year of adversity? For some, the year will bring hardship and tragedy. For others, it will be a time of births, a time of love, and a time to build. But for the child of God, it will not matter.”
  • Dene Ward reflects on Malachi 2:14. “From those first baby steps as a brand new person—“one flesh”—to the maturity of an interdependent couple who have seen both the best and the worst of each other, who have helped each other, supported each other, lived together, worked together, laughed together and cried together—a married couple should cling to one another and no one else in this relationship, under the loving watch of the Father who designed it.”
  • Doy Moyer offers some things to think about on the label of legalism. “The problem is that, while just about everyone knows that it implies something really bad, it is often undefined and ambiguous in discussion.”
  • Gary Henry writes, “The great tragedy of human life is that we do not see how much more we need. God has made us such that we have an inescapable need for perfect, unmitigated, consummate fellowship with Him. That need cannot be filled in this life, even in Christ, and our tragedy is that we do not see how much more we need.”
  • The Atlantic shows the evolution of how far you could travel from New York City in a day. “Before directions provided by Google Maps, the interstate highway system, cars, the transcontinental railroad, and the Erie Canal, a traveler in New York City could expect to spend a whole day and night traveling over what a suburban commuter now does in an hour.”

YouVersion, the world’s leading Bible app, has released its year-end analysis of how its millions of users engaged the Bible in 2013.

2013 Our Year with the Bible

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