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Around the Web (12/27)

  • Tim Challies reflects on a frightening statistic: “52% of pornography consumed in the United States this year was consumed on mobile devices; a further 10% was consumed on tablets. This means that almost two thirds of pornography is now being viewed on devices other than desktop computers. Why is this significant? For at least two reasons. Did you buy your children an iPod or iPhone or other mobile device for Christmas? You just bought them the major porn-consumption device. So what are you going to do to protect them from it?”
  • Dene Ward has some straightforward encouragement for wives from Proverbs 5:15-19. “In many ladies’ Bible class books on marriage, especially those written by women, any reference to the sexual relationship is either absent or barely skimmed over.  Obviously, no one is comfortable with this topic, and maybe that is why more and more marriages are falling apart due to adultery.  God had a plan for marriage, and when we neglect any part of that plan, it will not be the perfect plan He created.”
  • Eric Dye encourages us to be careful what we LIKE and SHARE on Facebook: “The next time you see a funny image or cool and clever quote that was shared by your Facebook Bestie, make sure you know who you’re sharing — not just what you’re sharing.”
  • Doy Moyer tackles the oft-repeated “I find your views offensive”: “If, ‘I find your views offensive’ is in response to truth, then people will just have to be offended. The truth is not something to be sorry about. Rejecting truth, however, is something to be sorry about, and rejecting truth is offensive to our Lord.”
  • Justin Taylor provides a number of valuable resources for reading the Bible in 2014.

This full moon over the Himalayas makes me think of the LORD’s question in Job 38:4. “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?”

Full Moon over the Himalayas

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