Around the Web (9/10)

  • Courtney Joseph suggests seven ways for busy moms to get in the Word.
  • Stephen Altrogge confesses, “I don’t remember chemistry and I’m not homeless.” An extremely important reminder for parents.
  • The Washington Examiner reports, “God is still great in the eyes of Americans, even on the Internet. While an amazing 88 percent of the nation’s homes own a Bible, more and more are switching to the Internet, cell phones and iPad for their weekly inspiration, according to a sweeping new survey of Bible use.”
  • Doy Moyer draws lessons from Acts 27 about riding out the storms of life. “The question that then remained was whether or not they could trust God. This has ever been the question. Can we trust God? When the storms hit the hardest, can we trust that God is still in charge?”
  • Rickie Jenkins writes, “He who excuses himself accuses himself. Excuses are like noses: everybody has one. However, there may be something about excuses we have not thought much about.”