IT MATTERS! 2013 Youth Lectureship

It Matters

We’d love to have you join us at Laurel Canyon for a very exciting weekend opportunity.


  • 7:00 PM – Singing


  • 10:00 AM – The Church You Belong to Matters (Jason Hardin)
  • 10:40 AM – The Friends You Keep Matter (Neil Tremblett)
  • 11:20 AM – How You Entertain Yourself Matters (Stephen Dvorak)
  • 1:30 PM – The Person You Choose to Marry Matters (Jason Hardin)
  • 2:10 PM – Personal Discipline and Accountability Matter (Neil Tremblett)
  • 2:50 PM – How You Handle Your Time Matters (Stephen Dvorak)

Sessions will be interactive and discussion-oriented. People of all ages are invited to attend! Click here to download the promotional flyer.

at the meeting place of the
Laurel Canyon church of Christ
409 McNaughten Road  *  Columbus, OH 43213
614-868-1375  *

About Jason Hardin

Jason lives in central Ohio with his wife Shelly and their three daughters. He works with the Laurel Canyon church of Christ. Jason has written three books and a variety of workbooks. He's a fan of photography, baseball, mountains, wildlife, and coffee. You can contact him here.

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