Proof that God is Willing to Save and Able to Use YOU

Proof (noun): Evidence sufficient to establish a thing as true, or to produce belief in its truth.

Many struggle with a serious mental obstacle: “I’m just not sure God is willing to save me.” As an authoritative answer, consider three episodes in the lives of three examples from the Bible.

Exhibit #1 — MOSES: “He Struck Down the Egyptian and Hid Him in the Sand” (Exo 2:11-15)

  • He was forty years old at this point in his life (Exo 2:11; Acts 7:23).
  • He demonstrated an awareness of the seriousness of his actions (Exo 2:12).
  • He “supposed that his brothers would understand,” but he was wrong (Exo 2:13-14; Acts 7:25).
  • He fled for his life and hid, far away from Egypt, for the next 40 years (Exo 2:15; Acts 7:29).

Exhibit #2 — DAVID: “Set Uriah in the forefront…that he may be struck down” (2 Sam 11)

  • He was an established king, soldier, and poet at this point in his life (2 Sam 11:1).
  • He demonstrated an awareness of the seriousness of his actions (2 Sam 11:2-13).
  • He supposed that he could hide his sin, but he was wrong (2 Sam 11:14-12:7).
  • The ripple effect of his actions affected his family for generations to come (2 Sam 12:8-14).

Exhibit #3 — SAUL: “Ravaging the Church” (Acts 7:54-8:3)

  • He was “a young man” at this point in his life (Acts 7:58), with an elite education (Acts 22:3).
  • He demonstrated an awareness of the seriousness of his actions (Acts 22:4-5).
  • He wrongly believed that he was in harmony with God’s will (Acts 26:9-11; 1 Tim 1:13).
  • As long as he lived, he never forgot his “former life” (Gal 1:13; 1 Tim 1:15).

Here’s where the proof comes into play. Moses could personally tell you what it was like to bury a human body in sand. David knew what it was to send a guaranteed death certificate. Saul was intimately acquainted with raging fury against innocent men and women.

But God used Moses to record Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Half of the Psalms—some of the most heartfelt words in all of Scripture—were written by David. Thirteen of the 27 books of the New Testament were penned by Paul, who was formerly known as Saul.

If God was willing to save and use Moses, David, and Saul, is he not willing to save and able to use you?

Here’s the key: Moses had to get rid of the excuses and fully trust “I AM WHO I AM” (Exo 3-5). David had to come face-to-face with the horrific consequences of self-centered iniquity (Psa 51:4). Saul had to obediently respond to the gospel of grace and experience the cleansing of his sins (Acts 22:6-16).

They did. And God worked powerfully in and through their lives. What about you?

This sermon was delivered on June 9, 2013.

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