Around the Web (5/1)

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  • Andy Sochor writes, “Whether we like it or not, professional athletes, like other celebrities, can have a big influence on the thinking of people in society. This announcement will only further the efforts to normalize the practice of homosexuality in people’s minds. In light of this news, it is important that Christians remember a few things.”
  • Gary Henry warns, “Just as agitation gets in the way of carefulness, pride gets in the way of worship. Nothing in the spiritual life is more important than awe and utter respect before God, and so if pride hinders us from being reverent, it’s a deadly danger to our souls.”
  • Scientific American reports, “You and I can access billions of Web pages, post blogs, write code for our own killer apps—in short, do anything we want on the Web—all for free! And we’ve enjoyed free reign because 20 years ago, today, Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee and his employer, the CERN physics lab in Geneva, published a statement that made the nascent ‘World Wide Web’ technology available to every person, company and institution with no royalty or restriction.”