When You’re Criticized

Not many of us enjoy being criticized, but criticism periodically comes our way. Sometimes it’s deserved. Sometimes it’s not. The big question is this: How should we handle criticism as Christians?

I’ve adapted a helpful list of wise Biblical counsel compiled by Mark Altrogge. Perhaps it will help you as much as it has helped me.

  1. Be quick to hear. (James 1:19)
  2. Be slow to speak. (James 1:19)
  3. Be slow to become angry. (James 1:19-20)
  4. Don’t rail back. (1 Pet 2:23)
  5. Give a gentle response. (Prov 15:1)
  6. Don’t defend yourself too quickly. (Prov 18:13)
  7. Humbly evaluate what might be true in the critique, even if it was given in a poor way. (Prov 17:10)
  8. Remember the fact that you have blind spots. (Psa 19:12-14)
  9. Ask others for their honest opinion. (Prov 28:26)
  10. Pray about the criticism. (Psa 139:23-24)
  11. Remember the cross. (1 Pet 2:21-25)
  12. Consider the source. (Matt 23:27-28; James 4:1-4)

This sermon was delivered on March 17, 2013.

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