The Last Words of Jesus and Why They Still Matter

Famous “last words” are a special form of quotation and perspective that fascinate many people. Have you ever considered the last words of Jesus and what we can learn from them?

Words from the Cross

  • Luke 23:33-34 — words of forgiveness that encapsulate his entire mission.
  • Luke 23:39-43 — words of assurance that there is more than meets the earthly eye.
  • John 19:25-27 — words of compassion that reveal his concern for his loved ones.
  • Matt 27:45-46 — words of anguish that convey the horrific consequences of sin.
  • John 19:28 — words of suffering that demonstrate his relatable humanity.
  • John 19:30 — words of victory that reflect the fulfillment of God’s eternal purpose.
  • Luke 23:45-46 — words of submission in anticipation of a reunion with his Father.

Words after His Resurrection

  • Matt 28:10 — words of reassurance that there is nothing to fear.
  • Luke 24:36-39 — words of verification that he had indeed conquered death.
  • Luke 24:44 — words of perspective on the big picture of God’s revelation to mankind.
  • John 20:29 — words of blessing for those who believe though they have not seen.
  • John 21:15-17 — words of restoration that testify to the grace of God.
  • Matt 28:18 — words of supreme authority as the central figure in all of human history.
  • Matt 28:19-20 — words of commission that shape the rest of his disciples’ lives.

Words at the Close of God’s Written Revelation to Mankind

  • Rev 22:12 — words of coming judgment and inescapable accountability to God.
  • Rev 22:13 — words of context that focus the universal reason for everything on him.
  • Rev 22:16 — words of concern for his churches.
  • Rev 22:20 — words of promise that he is coming again.

This sermon was delivered on March 31, 2013.

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