Pressing On Magazine

Are you subscribed to Pressing On, an e-magazine for growing Christians? If not, you’re missing out on a valuable new resource. In its second year of publication, Pressing On is edited by Mark Roberts and published at the beginning of every month. Each issue features regular contributions from:

  • Wilson Adams: Be Strong and Courageous, with focus on encouragement
  • Dee Bowman: Be Wise Small, a combination of common sense and Scripture
  • Chuck Durham: Now and Then, connecting history and God’s Word
  • Warren Berkley: Truth Connections, making truth stand out
  • Mark Roberts: On the Mark, bringing the Bible to bear on contemporary issues

In addition to the regular columnists, each issue features a handful of writers focusing on a relevant theme for growing Christians. March’s theme was Heaven. This month’s theme is Depression, Despair, and the Christian. Articles include:

  • Dealing with Despair in the Psalms — by Rusty Miller
  • The Christian and Psychiatric Medication — Mark McCrary
  • The Christian’s War Against Depression — Paul Earnhart
  • By Faith You Can Complete the Race of Faith — Clay Gentry

One of the revolutionary features of e-publishing is the built-in ability to respond with Biblical perspective much more quickly to current events than paper publications. A prime example of that fact is a special edition of Pressing On, released just this afternoon, dealing with the Boston Marathon bombing and how disciples of Christ should react to tragedy, violence, and evil in our world. All five regular columnists worked quickly to produce a relevant resource to help Christians think through these tragic events. This special issue was made available to all subscribers free of charge.

A wide variety of devices are supported. The method of delivery is up to you.

Are you a Florida College student? Your subscription is free.

Are you in the armed forces or military? Active service members can also subscribe for free.

For the rest of us, a year’s subscription to Pressing On is just $10 per year. For more details, check out the Facebook page.