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Around the Web (4/27)

  • CHEAP eBook Deal of the Day: Closing the Window: Steps to Living Porn Free (Tim Chester) – $2.99 (80% off).
  • Doy Moyer writes, “Repentance and confession are fundamental to the Christian’s relationship to God. These are not merely one time ‘steps’ in a plan of salvation, but are necessary components in an ongoing fellowship in which God’s grace grants forgiveness and hope.”
  • Dene Ward asserts, “It’s time we older Christians stopped endorsing fairy tales. It’s time we told it like it is. Life can be hard and it doesn’t necessarily mean you are at fault. Even when you are at fault, it doesn’t mean you are worse than anyone else, no matter what image others try to present.”
  • The Scriptures have a good deal to say about the danger of idolatry. “But,” Gary Henry asks, “is it really the practical problem today that it was in ancient times?”
  • Clay Gentry suggests, “If those of old had not received their commendation based on their faith (Heb 11:2), then Hebrews 11 would have read very differently. Rather than being the Hall-of-Fame of Faith, it would be the Hall-of-Shame of the Faithless.”

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