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Around the Web (4/10)

  • CHEAP eBook Deal of the Day: The Next Story: Life and Faith after the Digital Explosion (Tim Challies) – $3.79 (81% off).
  • Barbara Fredrickson asks in The New York Times, “Can you remember the last time you were in a public space in America and didn’t notice that half the people around you were bent over a digital screen, thumbing a connection to somewhere else?” What effect are our digital habits having on our hearts?
  • In light of difficulties and discouragements, Gary Henry writes, “We may question whether there is any use in trying to go forward, or whether, if we do try to go forward, there is any possibility that we’ll find the help we need. But consider this: the person who is alive to ponder such questions is always a person on whom God has not given up. Without His constant grace, we would not have made it this far.
  • With modesty in mind, Hal Hammons encourages young ladies to make careful choices. “By making yourself available, young lady, you make yourself cheap. Leaving yourself covered draws men to your character (1 Tim 2:10). If, on the other hand, the main thing you want from men is sex, go ahead and uncover. But don’t complain about not being able to find a good man. You’re fishing in the wrong river with the wrong bait.”
  • In April of 1988, the Los Angeles Times Magazine pub­lished a 25-year look ahead to 2013.

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