Cherubim: From the Garden to the Gospel

We run across the “cherubim” several times in Scripture. By compiling what God-breathed information we have, we can gain a sort of “big picture snapshot” of the Bible—from the Garden to the Gospel.

  • Genesis 3: The cherubim and the garden: “Guard the way to the tree of life.”
  • Exodus 25: The cherubim and the ark: “There I will meet with you.”
  • Exodus 26: The cherubim and the tabernacle: “The veil shall separate.”
  • 1 Kings 6-8: The cherubim and the temple: “The glory of the LORD filled the house.”
  • Matthew 27: The veil and the cross: “Torn in two, from top to bottom.”
  • Hebrews 9-10: The new covenant and the gospel: “Confidence to enter the holy places.”

This sermon was delivered on February 3, 2013.

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