Band-Aids of Deceit

Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment. (Prov 12:19)

Lying about something can get us out of trouble… for a moment.

Lying about someone can make us look better… for a moment.

Lying is a temporary fix, a quick band-aid we scramble to attach to a situation when we’re scared or frustrated or insecure. In the moment, lies seem like they will make us feel better, sound better, or make the mess we’ve made go away. What we don’t always realize is this: these band-aids of deceit will stick longer than we intended, cover more than we expected, and be more painful to rip off than we ever imagined.

In the long run, the sting of admitting and facing the consequences of a lie will be much greater than if we had simply told the truth from the beginning.

Telling the truth in difficult moments can be hard. Owning up to unmet expectations can be unpleasant. Taking responsibility for our foolish actions can cost us a great deal. But lies will always cost us more. A lying tongue is but for a moment. Truthful lips endure forever.

For discussion: Why does it sometimes seem like a good idea to lie? How have we learned the hard way that lying is but for a moment? What can we do to frequently remind ourselves of the foolishness of lying? Why will our home always be a better place if we all resolve to have truthful lips, no matter what?