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Around the Web (1/4)

Around the Web

  • Trevin Wax and Russell Moore respond to the latest cover story of TIME that has announced, forty years after Roe v. Wade, the pro-life side is winning the abortion debate.
  • Justin Davis warns married couples about a game we will always lose. “The moment we start comparing what our spouse isn’t to what someone else is, we open the door for disconnection and fractured intimacy.”
  • You can not only read, but hear the Diligently Seeking God entry for January 4 from Gary Henry.
  • Martin Pickup encourages us to avoid five mistakes that are frequently made in the study and application of Scripture.
  • Ferrell Jenkins has made his final post in an excellent photo tour of the Book of Acts.

Amazon Deal of the Day: Leaving a Mark: The Lectures of Phil Roberts, edited by Nathan Ward. For more than two decades, Phil Roberts was a beloved and respected professor at Florida College and a scholar par excellence. Leaving a Mark is a collection of the published lectures and festschrift essays of the late Dr. Roberts.

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