Around the Web (10/25)

Around the Web

  • Dan Bouchelle encourages Christians to reflect, “So, if you have a faithful preacher who is there week after week, doing his best to serve the Word and serve the church, you might want to think twice before you do your no-holds-barred evaluation. You might be shocked to learn what his week has been like. I doubt you want his job.”
  • Dene Ward uses the example of Mrs. Job to pose this question: “If Satan were going to test my spouse, would he take me, or leave me?”
  • Ethan Longhenry introduces Revelation and encourages us to remember: “Revelation, therefore, uses all sorts of images to describe conditions which the early Christians would face.”
  • Gary Henry reflects on schedule books and sacrifice. “So the next time you have to make a choice in regard to two events that are trying to occupy the same slot in your schedule book, ask yourself what is TRULY the most important to you.”
  • Andy Sochor explores the faith to move mountains. “A faith that is strong enough to move mountains and is able to make all things possible is a powerful thought. But many miss the point of this passage.”
  • Astronomers have cataloged 84 million stars at the heart of the Milky Way galaxy using an enormous cosmic photo snapped by a telescope in Chile, a view that is billed as the largest survey ever of the stars in our galaxy’s core.