Around the Web (9/20)

Around the Web

  • Dr. Simon Gathercole, an expert on apocryphal gospels and Senior Lecturer in New Testament in the University of Cambridge, weighs in on the “Did Jesus have a wife?” hubbub.
  • A new study finds that the typical American believes the United States is far more religiously diverse than it actually is, overestimating the number of Mormons and Muslims and underestimating the number of Protestants.
  • In a “painstaking labor of love,” Bard Canning spent more than a month turning the original low-resolution, four frames-per-second video from the Curiosity rover’s descent to Mars into a 30 frames-per-second, high resolution masterpiece.
  • is “a new (more colorful, more interesting) repository” for all of Gary Henry’s “miscellaneous” writing.
  • Doy Moyer reflects on authority and the fact that someone needs to be in charge.