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The Nature of God [New Workbook]

I’m always on the lookout for new Bible class workbooks of Biblical substance, attractive layout, and high-quality production. The Nature of God, a new One Stone Press workbook by Don Hastings and Marc Gibson, absolutely hits that mark. The back cover reads:

Want a closer relationship with God?
Want to enrich your knowledge of who God is and what that means to you?

Marc Gibson and Don Hastings have co-authored a workbook designed to increase your understanding of God. This knowledge can enhance every area of your life—your understanding of self and purpose, your life perspective, and your eternal view. Many have lost their bearings or never fully grasped these important concepts. This workbook gives direction regarding the great truths about God’s nature.

Over the course of 149 pages, Hastings and Gibson explore:

  1. Man’s Greatest Need is to Know God
  2. The Names of God
  3. God is the Eternal Creator (1)
  4. God is the Eternal Creator (2)
  5. The Triune Nature of God
  6. The “All” Power, Knowledge, and Presence of God
  7. God is Spirit and is Holy
  8. God is Love, Light, and Truth
  9. The Mercy, Grace, and Longsuffering of God
  10. The Goodness, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Immutability of God
  11. God’s Fierce Wrath
  12. The Providence of God
  13. Misconceptions About God

The workbook is attractively arranged throughout with a Personal Notes column on every page. Each of the 13 chapters features thorough and challenging questions for personal reflection or group interaction. Each lesson contains a balance of fresh Biblical insight, abundant references to Scripture, and bold investigation into some of the most challenging aspects of God’s nature, including:

  • Has God always been?
  • How did the universe come into being?
  • How can God be three-in-one?
  • What does God know ahead of time?
  • How can God be in control and evil continue to exist?
  • Where is the balance between God’s law and grace?

Gibson and Hastings include 180 footnotes and an extensive bibliography for even deeper study. But what really caught my eye about this new resource from One Stone Press is the cutting-edge nature of its production. The workbook is available in traditional print for $8.95, but the digital options are fantastic:

  • A single-user workbook PDF ($9.95) allows the convenience of being able to study the material anytime, anywhere on your personal e-reader.
  • A congregational-use workbook PDF ($29.95) authorizes the congregation to share the electronic file of the workbook with its members and make multiple printed copies for class use.
  • PowerPoint lesson slides ($19.95) can be purchased for each of the 13 lessons so that the teacher is freed from the burden of slide preparation, allowing more time to study the material.
  • An answer key PDF ($1.99) provides the authors’ answers to the questions of each lesson in the workbook.

Put all of these pieces together, and The Nature of God presents itself as an excellent option for your efforts to grow in your walk with God. From this point forward, I will highly recommend it for adult Bible classes, teenage studies, or personal devotional use.

Remember that One Stone always offers free shipping on orders over $49 and that a portion of every One Stone order is donated to Sacred Selections.

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