The Wonder of a Vulnerable God

Throughout the Old Testament, our Creator is described in a variety of different ways.

  • El — God Almighty — power, greatness, vastness, height (Gen 17:1; 35:11; Neh 1:5)
  • Yahweh — I AM — he who is; he who is truly present (Exo 3:14-15; 20:2)
  • The Everlasting God (Gen 21:33) — the God of eternity.
  • God Most High (Gen 14:18) — the supreme Being.
  • God of Hosts (2 Sam 6:1-3) — the One above all created beings.
  • The Rock (Deut 32:4,15,18,30-31) — Faithful and Sure.
  • A Shield (2 Sam 22:31) — the Source of deliverance and protection.
  • A God of Seeing (Gen 16:13) — the One who is aware of all.
  • God of gods and Lord of lords (Deut 10:17) — Sovereign over all.

He has manifested himself in powerful, sometimes frightening ways (Isa 6:1-5; Eze 1). But the New Testament contains profoundly good news that should cause all human beings to stand in awe and wonder. The Son of Almighty God was willing to make himself vulnerable (Phil 2:6-8). For us. To serve as Immanuel. “God with us.”

The point? He’s looking for you to make yourself vulnerable as well.

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