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The Jesus Storybook Bible

Parents who love God and his Word are always on the lookout for fresh ways to share the Story with their children. We’ve used a variety of resources for bedtime readings, but I wanted to share one that has recently impressed me. We finished our first read-through of The Jesus Storybook Bible last week and have already started it again. Subtitled, Every Story Whispers His Name, this unique children’s book features 21 stories from the Old Testament, 23 stories from the New Testament, each with some connection to Jesus. For instance, here’s the conclusion of “A Giant Staircase to Heaven” (the Tower of Babel, Gen 11):

After that, people scattered all over the world (which is how we ended up with so many different languages to this day).

You see, God knew, however high they reached, however hard they tried, people could never get back to heaven by themselves. People didn’t need a staircase; they needed a Rescuer. Because the way back to heaven wasn’t a staircase; it was a Person.

People could never reach up to Heaven, so Heaven would have to come down to them.

And, one day, it would. (pg. 54)

Or the connection drawn in the last few lines of “The Present” (Abraham offering Isaac as a sacrifice to God, Gen 22):

Many years later, another Son would climb another hill, carrying wood on his back. Like Isaac, he would trust his Father and do what his Father asked. He wouldn’t struggle or run away.

Who was he? God’s Son, his only Son—the Son he loved.

The Lamb of God. (pg. 69)

Beautifully illustrated by Jago and written by Sally Lloyd-Jones, The Jesus Storybook Bible shows in ways that even adults who have been reading the Bible for years don’t always appreciate, “every story whispers his name.” It doesn’t cover the entire narrative of the Bible, but that’s really not it’s aim. I’d recommend it for ages 2-10 as a good tool to consistently teach little hearts that Jesus is the ultimate point of the Bible. It’s available from One Stone for $16.99.

Here’s a video showing the “He’s Here” chapter (pg. 176-183):

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