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The Courageous Living Series

I appreciate new Bible study tools that enhance my walk with God. I hope you do too. That’s why I wanted to highlight a new option for personal and congregational study that’s both thought-provoking and cost-effective.

The Courageous Living series of workbooks by Wilson Adams includes a variety of textual and topical studies that are grounded in the Word of God. Well-written, fresh and relevant, they serve as great tools for individual study, small-group discussions or congregational Bible classes. There are twelve studies available so far…

…with more to come. Each workbook follows the same format and includes 12 lessons with both text and discussion questions. Click here to sample Tables of Contents, as well as actual pages from each workbook.

The next time you’re looking for good material to supplement your study and application of the Bible, you would do well to consider the Courageous Living series.

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