Financial Wisdom from King Solomon

In November and December 2011, Jason Hardin preached a series of sermons entitled, “What God Says About Your Money.” Part 5 of this series explores the financial insight of King Solomon. How did this exceedingly wealthy and wise man describe money and the things it can accommodate?

  • Wealth is a blessing (Prov 10:22).
  • Some things are more important than wealth:
    • Wisdom (Prov 16:16).
    • Righteousness (Prov 16:8).
    • Peace (Prov 15:16-17).
  • There is danger in looking for “quick riches” (Prov 28:20).
  • Work hard (Prov 10:4-5).
  • Debt is a form of slavery (Prov 22:7).
  • Be generous (Prov 19:17).
  • O be careful, little heart, whom you trust (Prov 18:10-11).

“Each of us will give an account of himself to God” (Rom 14:12), including the way we handled his money. It pays to listen to the wisdom inspired by the Owner of it all.

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